Welcome to Hot Yoga Tacoma...

Hot Yoga Tacoma

We've been serving  the yoga community of Tacoma  for 14 years. In that time
we've seen countless people begin their peaceful journey into a healthier life through yoga. 

Our studio is open to all levels and body types. No prior yoga experience is needed 
All  classes are 75 minutes and are open to beginners.  

Why Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga  Tacoma offers  an exhilarating yoga practice of basic yoga poses done in a heated room to help the muscles stretch safely and purify the body through sweating.

Regular Hot Yoga practice stimulates and balances the endocrine, nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. It also
alleviates pain and symptoms of chronic illness while increasing strength, stamina and flexibility.

Yoga calms and removes the clutter of the mind
so one can begin to realize the deeper knowledge and potential within oneself...

Why Hot Yoga Tacoma?

While at our studio here in Tacoma you will enjoy Hot Hatha Yoga in a modern, spacious, and very clean environment. We provide large private showers in separate changing rooms for women and men. 

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Come to the yoga class well hydrated  ~  You will be sweating!  Cooler areas of the room are available for those who prefer. Feel free to ask.

Read our New Student page for  information on how to prepare for your first Hot Yoga experience...

Our promise is to provide a safe & supportive, non-competitive yoga environment in Tacoma.

Our yoga community is comprised of adults of all ages who enjoy practicing yoga in a calm, focused, easeful, and peaceful space.

We look forward to seeing you in the yoga class today...


       3909 6th Avenue